Cute Owl Nail Designs

Cute Nail Designs for Prom

Cute nail designs are also good additional touch on your appearance in school prom. You can just add simple nail touch for your entire prom look. There is no need to make wonderful nail theme, you can just go on with acrylic nail and shiny nail polish. Fake nail is also a good idea; you just design your nail art on the fake nail and put it on your finger […]

Glitter Nail Pretty Designs

Pretty Nail Designs for Women

Pretty nail designs are women’s favorite. Men do not think this kind of art is necessary but women will think it is important as the little design in her appearance. Good nail art will give detail look on the very last touch. You can have butterfly, stripes, glitter, punk, and various other drawings. Nail polishing is like painting a canvas so it must be done carefully. Next thing to consider […]

Simple and Easy Blue Diamond Nails

Blue Diamond Nails Salon

Blue diamond nails are one of the best salons. You will find the name of this salon anywhere in the internet. This nail shop open from 9 Am to 9 PM. They have various kinds of nail service for your needs. You will be able to have various services to make your nail look cute and beautiful. There are various kinds of people out there ready to make their nail […]

cute colorful nails designs for short nails

Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Easy nail designs for short nails are very simple to do at home. You should prepare the supplies and tools. Find a good nail polish with nice Color. You can have nice Konad polish. If your nail is not bunt, you can have good and nice nail design. You can use simple sticker with nice drawing on it. You can use stripes nail art which made of simple two or […]

Cute Simple Nail to do at Home Designs

Cute Simple Nail Designs

Cute simple nail designs will make you save money. You do not have to come to a nail shop and ask them to do your nail. If you need a cute simple design, you can have it your way. Buy the supplies to have various kinds of design. You will need tapes, cutter, various nail polish colors, glitter powder and many more. You can just use tape to make heart […]

Acrylic Green Tips Nails

Green Nails Designs

Green nails would make you look horrible or fantastic depends on how you make it looks. You can have wonderful green nails by adding good green nail polish with yellow combination. If you look for green nails on the Internet, there are various explanations on the way you treat greenish nails which have been infected by bacteria. The darker the spot means more severe the condition is. This condition will […]

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